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embossed fragments of a past

a maverick miscellany of esteemed predecessors

30 December
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I worshipped dead men for their strength,
Forgetting I was strong.
- Vita Sackville-West.

This journal covers the historical discoveries of velvetink - they may or may not be of interest to anyone else.

I will be posting in here sporadically, when I have time about historical things I dredge up from my scryings and scratchings into the realm of geneology. Specifically my ancestors, but sometimes just about interesting old things I find along the way.

(I don't expect many people will be interested in this lj, it's just my nerdy thing, you can add me if you like).

Interesting/helpful links
Aust Society of Genealogists

AFHC -Genealogy Societies

Family names and countries I am interested in listed in interests. There are probably other names & kinships I've forgotten to add at this moment.
allanson, antill, appleton, ashcroft, asseline, australian history, bennett, bering-simpson, bernard, blows, blues, bohemia, boon, cahill, careye, cartwright, cassidy, channel islands, clement, cribb, daly, davidson, davies, davis, de beauvior, de bois, de botno, de carteret, de st martin, du bost, dunn, dunne, elliot, europe, evans, fell, fisher, foley, genealogy, gore, grahame, groves, guille, guillebert, hamilton, hamptonne, hatch, heenan, henness, hennis, henry, hind, history, hitchcock, hitchins, holland, ireland, jamieson, jardine, jersey, kent, knowles, laurenche, lawrence, le febure, le fointevin, le foy, le hardy, le marchant, le pointevin, lee, lempriere, maher, mcbride, mcilhoney, mcnamara, mcpherson, mcveity, messervy, mitchell, morris, murphy, nicholle, norton, nugent, nunn, o'donnell, paul, pearse, percy, perrin, photography, player, pollard, poulett, prior, purcell, pursehouse, purvines, read, richardson, rodgers, rudd, rudder, ryan, sadleir, sadler, salkeld, simons, smith, speir, spencer, stokes, symes, tanner, testar, tezard, thompson, tillbrook, turner, vickery, watson, wells, wesley, wilkinson, wilson, wiseman, withers, yeats