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17 April 2007 @ 04:37 pm
Following on from Tess's Trail - the American connection  
It just goes to show how valuable and amazing the internet is, in researching family history. I began this lj with Tess (Teresa), rather randomly. I could have started anywhere really, the branches go everywhere. Sometimes on www you can find nothing and sometimes you can find gold - ie something you didn't know before.

I did know Tess married the son of Major Henry Colden Antill (who came out to the colony (AU) as Aide de camp to Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1809. Major Antill settled in Picton.
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Part of their family estate (above) has now become the Picton Golf Club.

I also knew the son, Henry Colden Antill II had a rather colourful history (turning to robbery and bushranging) sometime after marrying Tess & becoming bankrupt in 1859, and spent time in Darlinghurst Goal with his sentance being remitted to exile to New Zealand for years. Samuel Shumack in his book Tales and Legends of Canberra Pioneers state that Henry the (II) went later to live with Tess's father William Hatch in Ginninderra after paying his debt to society & was for a time a correspondent to the Queanbeyan Age under the nome de plume of "Working Bullock".

What I didn't know was the American connection of the Antill family. Just a brief google now and I came up with tons of info going back to 1693 in England originally, later settling in New York. So there is now a whole new country to sift through to find connections.

Antill family tree (america)

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Info about Henry Colden Antill (aide de camp)shown above
Antill, Henry Colden (1779-1852)
father of Henry Colden Antill 11 who married Tess (Teresa Hatch).
more info at;

More strange co-incidence when watching Antique Roadshow the other day saw a snuff box featured that was beautiful. I discovered that a similar snuff box was presented to Major H C Antill by Governor Lachlan Macquarie

I wonder if Tess ever saw that snuff box and I hope that I can find out more about Tess, and other women of the family. I find it irritating that women's history is so easily lost, one can often only track the husbands or sons, and it's just left to imagination what the women were doing.

Tasmania connection Tess was born in Tasmania in 1835 (the first stopover in Au for her parents Robert and Mary Hatch from Ireland before they moved on to NSW). While I haven't found terribly much on their Tasmanian stay, I did find the following site interesting:
Their Significant Tasmanian Women pages are interesting and worth checking from time to time. here; http://www.women.tas.gov.au/significantwomen/
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